Reviews and videos from Indietracks

As some of you know – and as The Glass Delusion explains – I’m not the best at blowing my own trumpet. Self-promotion comes as naturally to me as ballet to a walrus. It’s a good job I’m not one of those hip-hoppers that the young people have now. Between my aversion to self-aggrandisement and the relative absence in my life of platinum discs, fast women and personal firearms, I’d be a bit stuck for subject matter.

But when other people say nice things about me, that’s a different thing altogether. Some see it as bad form to retweet praise. I think it’s only polite, after someone’s made the effort to compliment me, that I should extend the reach of their generous words to as wide an audience as I can.

So if you’ve nothing better to do with your time, and you’re not already convinced of my godlike genius, here are some mentions of my recent performance at the Indietracks festival. I also seem to have given quotes to the reviewers in some cases. Crikey. “a unique voice, quintessentially Northern with a rich full tone which makes for a very honest listen” – also features INTERVIEW CHAT

Counterfeit: “during the quiet while the decoupled engine switched to the other end, Pete had the audience captivated”

Eevee Life: “Pete Green… delighted the chugging throng with songs dripping with melancholy and whimsy”

Sheffield Star: There’s not actually a review of me but I’m in there talking about how ace Indietracks is!

Buzzin Music: “Pete’s funny and sensitive songs are always worth hearing” – also features HORSE ACTION

Lost in Indiepop: “all Northernness and lovely wist and catchy choruses that people can instantly sing along to”

And here are videos of two songs from my set…

Hey Dr Beeching

The Glass Delusion

I think that’s everything so far, but do post a comment below if you come across anything else!

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