Pete Green is a poet and musician based in Sheffield, Yorkshire. They write about coastlines and islands, edgelands, cities and the post-industrial, walking, railways, love, football, rock and roll, whisky, underachievement, and getting lost.

Pete’s new short book Hemisphere is published by Longbarrow Press on 15 October 2021. Find out more

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Pete’s second album is We’re Never Going Home, released on Precordial Catch Records in 2016. Listen or buy or find out more.

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The place where we belonged

Indietracks was more than just a music festival. So you can mourn it, but be sure to take inspiration from it too
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Poem: I am the king of Belgium

“from this spot the tracks
to Europe’s endpoints radiate
just like the spokes of union jacks…”
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Nothing lasts forever: Hope Gardens and the meaning of permanence

In which the poet visits a new estate which will be dismantled in 2024, and has a think about our understandings of home and the temporary
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