Sheffield Almanac coverMy pamphlet Sheffield Almanac is available now from Longbarrow Press. It’s a poem in four chapters about rivers, rain, relocation and regeneration, exploring the industrial past and post-industrial future of my adopted home city.
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See also: Model City, my essay for the Longbarrow blog about Sheffield’s civic identity and the implications of being a ‘city of making’

I’m the Featured Poet in issue 66 of The Interpreter’s House. This means it includes three of my poems (‘Growing Seasons’, ‘Far North Line’ and ‘I am the king of Belgium’) and they rather grandly call me Peter instead of plain old Pete. Irrespective of my featuring, it’s a wonderful journal which deserves a place in your life.
Order a copy now also for £5

You can find more of my poetry online in these publications:

Caught by the River
Dan of the Don

The High Window
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Issue 7
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Issue 1

Three Drops From a Cauldron
The Night We Set The Clocks Back
Lady Jane Franklin on Out Stack

A Swift Exit
(this also appears in the A Swift Exit anthology Absent Ginsberg)

Route 57
Issue 13
Night Walk by the River Don
The Astronomer’s Wife

Issue 12
Leaving Stromness
Staithes, April 2015