The Road to Indietracks

The Rutland Arms

As I’ve mentioned here previously, I don’t much care for the notion of an ‘Indietracks warm-up’. This is the term widely given to any UK indiepop gig in the run-up to the Indietracks festival. Somehow it suggests to me that the artists are just using it as a practice for the big one. I’m sure the people using the term don’t mean it this way, and I’m not about to start a campaign for its abolition. But it misleadingly connotes a second-class status, and it seems to exclude, or at least perhaps baffle, non-Indietracks-goers, and that’s a shame on both counts.

That said, I feel a little like the gigs I’m playing at the moment are a sort of The Road To Indietracks. Events in Derbyshire at the end of July loom so large over the indiepop calendar that it’s hard not to feel that the rest of one’s life amounts to little more than a sort of ongoing Indietracks warm-up.

The latest waypoint on this journey came the other weekend, when I played for the first ever gig organised by My Little Owl. This is a label/promotery thing started up by my friends Vinnie and Markie, who also comprise the highly estimable Mini Skips. The line-up at the Rutland Arms was a lengthy one, and excellent, perhaps most notable for the presence of The Bees Niece and Kirsty McGee.

Late in the day I succumbed to an attack of the melancholy and a poorly tummy, so I missed the end. But absolutely everyone I saw was tremendous, and I even found myself out-wistfulled by The French Defence. Sterling work there.

So, the day’s other salient points from a me perspective. I belatedly got to debut my new song ‘One-Hit Wonder’ and also my new cover version, which is ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig (feat. Dragonette!) with a bit of ‘Sex is Boring’ by Ballboy mashed into the middle of it.

‘One-Hit Wonder’ suffered a bit because it features Intricate Picking, and my hands were shaking because I was nervous. After all this time you’d think I’d be past that by now. Any suggestions, other than getting drunk? Post a comment, please.

The cover had a better performance, but I don’t think anybody knew what it was, which sort of defeated the object a bit. I can’t decide whether I’m going to play it at Indietracks. Maybe I’ll play it in Leicester the week after next and make a decision after that. So hey, maybe all of life is an Indietracks warm-up after all!

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